"Perhaps the most outstanding characteristic of these funeral verses is that they are written as if the deceased is the author, using the first-person singular."

My Funeral – My Final Words®

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A unique catalogue of funeral verses.

my funeral – my final words

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Our funerals should be seen as important as many other events in our lives and the lives of our family and friends. The circumstances of our departing are varied; they can be tragic, heart-breaking, desperately emotional or, on some occasions, a comfort in disguise. But they are – for all of us – the last event we will certainly attend, so to speak. We, or others, can choose to make them a formality or make them something special, something more personal to our own wishes or those we leave behind. The verses on this site, and those which will be added in due course, offer us an opportunity to personalise our funerals in a way not done before: they enable us to express our opinions, our thoughts, and our feelings – hopefully in a way which will bring a smile to the faces of those present at the funeral. It is hoped that this will for many of us be a celebration, commemorating and honouring our lives and the contribution we made to the lives of others.

Given the more personal nature of these verses, hopefully, there is something here that will appeal to all of us

My Funeral – My Final Words

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We offer a unique catalogue of funeral verses that allow us to convey our final words or, as applicable, the words we believe the deceased would have wanted to say. Provided in hard copy form, they also form a permanent and fond momento.

my funeral – my final words

The verses on this site are all written by the same author and were inspired following the death of his mother in 2016. One verse will be available to download and print off free of charge; the remainder are available to purchase for a very modest fee of £2 per verse. The verses have been divided into eight categories in order to indicate their general theme, however, many of them cross over a number of themes so may be found in more than one category. Click on the category you wish to look at then the verse image in that category in order to read the verse. Once purchased, the verse will be sent to you as a PDF. When printed off, it will appear with a pale image in the background, as well as an element of framing (see the tab above headed PDF).

The author has continued to write more verses and these will be published in due course.

My Funeral – My Final Words

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