my final words

My Story


The author of these 50 verses was inspired to write the first one following the death of his mother in 2016. He unintentionally found himself writing it in the first person singular. The rest of the verses flowed somewhat uncontrolled with – rather than picturing his mother and what she might want to say – imagined people of different ages, different backgrounds, lifestyles, emotions, thoughts, personalities and circumstances.

Accordingly, these unique verses are, for the most part, written as if the deceased is the author, to be read out as if they themselves are reading the verse.

Those looking at this site may want to select a verse they would want to be read out at their funeral. Alternatively, a relative or close friend shortly to attend a funeral may see one and think that this sums up everything they believe the deceased would have wanted to say.

My Final Words

Our Mission

Our funerals should be seen as important as many other events in our lives and the lives of our family and friends. The circumstances of our departing are varied; they can be tragic, heart breaking , desperately emotional or, on some occasions, a comfort in disguise. But they are for all of us, the last event we will certainly attend so to speak. We or others can chose to make them a formality or make them something special, something more personal to our own wishes or those we leave behind. The verses on this site and those which are added in due course offer us an opportunity to personalise our funerals in a way not done before; they enable us to express our opinions, our thoughts, our feelings  and hopefully in a way which will bring a smile on the faces of those there at what should hopefully  be for many of us, a celebration, commemorating, honouring our lives and the contribution we made to the lives of others.

Some of the verses will hopefully be appropriate for most of us; sadly, some will not given the more personal nature of them.