I do not believe in an afterlife



I do not believe in an afterlife

I do not believe in an afterlife; I will tell you that from the start

Though of course I wish there was one, now from you I must depart

A Christian I hope, in life I was, in thought and deeds at least

My faith beyond that however did not extend, after my life had ceased


Regardless, you must decide for yourselves your feelings on such things

And I would be pleased for you should you have a faith and the joys both in life and death it brings

We are here today to bring closure to my passing a few days back

Doom and gloom abound us amidst the traditional colour, black


But today should be seen as a celebration, after all I cannot return

So, let’s consider the merits of my life on earth and any lessons from that we can learn.

You will all have your thoughts and opinions and of course memories for better or worse

I trust that I brought some light to your lives and for some, I may have left you a bit in my purse


I valued your love and your friendship; I valued your caring and time

I looked forward to conversing and being with you, sharing tea or a glass of good wine

Weddings, Birthdays and other events, sadly a funeral or two passed us by

As family and friends, we travelled through life, eventful the years seemed to fly


Which brings us back here to today’s coming together, a chance for family to reconnect

Probably a rarity sadly, albeit quite the norm at events like this, giving a chance to catch up and recollect

See me off as you sit fit, frolic and go overboard

I hope you enjoy the music I chose as for me it struck the right chord


You never know what’s around the corner, what destiny will behold

So, as soon as you can move on with your life, before you know it, you’ll be old

Enjoy your days, be careful, be good be kind and share

Be considerate, understanding and respectful and show the world that you care


I’m signing off now forever; I make room for those new lives to come

I wish you all good health and happiness; I’ve said all I want, I’m done.