I was hoping this was all a dream


I was hoping this was all a dream

I was hoping this was all a dream but alas this is obviously not the case
My living days are over, a fact I have to face

I cannot feel remorseful, I cannot feel at all
For now, I am just a memory for you to dwell upon and perhaps recall

Your being here means so much, I thank you most sincere
If ever dying troubled me It helps your being so near

I have lived my life as best I can and have been grateful for all what you’ve done
Your kindness, caring and friendship, your love and the hours of fun

You have your lives ahead of you short or long as they may be
The gift of life is yours to enjoy
Though as to how it turns out may be hard to foresee

Strive, serve and be successful; that will help you along your way
And hopefully deliver a richer life and keep you from going astray.

A custodian of the planet yes you are, of your country, kin and creed
A responsibility you must take on board and avoid all ills and greed

I wish you well for the future, my final words are now said
Now parted from the living world, dare I say it, oh dear, yes! I’m dead.